Why I Don’t Draw Giraffes and Neither Should You

If I was asked to draw a giraffe for one of my clients, it may take me weeks of painstaking drafts and time consuming revisions but I’d probably never be able to draw a giraffe well enough. It would have nothing to do with intellect, motivation, or effort. Drawing a high quality image of a giraffe is not a strength of mine nor is it something I can do efficiently on my own.

So, I choose to not draw giraffes. If a client ever asks me to draw a giraffe, I’ll have to search my network for an artist who can draw the best giraffe for my client. It’s a much better use of my time to outsource this task and cater to my strengths than it is to struggle and spend countless hours on a weakness. By taking this approach, it will also give my client a superior product.

Put another way, suppose you have two options: option A is a strength of yours where you consistently score 95 out of a possible 100 and option B is a weakness where you consistently score 20 out of 100 for each hour you work. If I give you one hour to work and ask you to maximize your score, which option will you choose? Clearly, option A is the optimal choice and will give you a score of 95 rather than option B with a score of 20. Maybe, with a massive time investment, you’ll improve your score of 20 but at what cost? You’ll have devoted an equal amount of time away from your strengths.

To be clear, the most gratifying projects are ones that involve hard work, professional growth and result in positive outcomes for my clients. When it comes to business, however, it’s best to outsource weaknesses (giraffes) and cater to one’s strengths and passions.

Don’t let the minutia, day-to-day operations or your own weaknesses sap your creative energy and create stress points that are entirely unnecessary. Reinvest in yourself and maximize the return on your time investment by finding someone who can help you focus on your strengths as much as possible. TC2 Advisors was devised with these goals in mind. Give TC2 your giraffes and refocus your time and energy on your strengths!

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