Proper Planning is Critical for Small Business Owners

Sole proprietorship, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, 501c-3 or other? Should I apply for credit financing, personal financing, small business loans, personal loans or bank loans? Do I need to register with the local town, county, state and federal government? Do I need an EIN or D&B number? These are just a few of… Read More

Survive or Thrive?

There are a lot of statistics that show low success rates for small businesses. Many of these statistics are twisted to create fear and drive people into services that they don’t need. For example, it’s well known that only half of small businesses survive past year five and only one in three survives past year… Read More

Why I Don’t Draw Giraffes and Neither Should You

If I was asked to draw a giraffe for one of my clients, it may take me weeks of painstaking drafts and time consuming revisions but I’d probably never be able to draw a giraffe well enough. It would have nothing to do with intellect, motivation, or effort. Drawing a high quality image of a… Read More

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