Maximizing value for our clients is our first, and most important, objective.

Brian and I have been working together since 2018. He has helped shape my business process to operationalize the day to day finance work. I am a small business based on inventory and there is a lot of supplies, products, vendors and customers to track! TC2 has developed costing models and tools for us to use on current product and help to plan future product development. Brian advises me on business strategy quarter by quarter and helps me stay on plan. If you are a solopreneur and finance is not your thing – hire Brian to lead that aspect of your business so you can do what you do best.

Joan D.

TC2 and Brian are stellar; not only is Brian professional, thorough and knowledgeable, he’s invested in you personally and a genuine soul. I’d highly recommend the company to anyone in need of a great mind.

Mark B.

Brian is highly educated, insightful and asks multiple questions which allows him to make the best decisions for your business. He has been an asset to me and my office.

Carmine A.

Highly recommend Brian and TC2. A great resource for small business development.

Ron A.

An excellent resource for any small businesses looking to optimize productivity

Stewart L.

Working with Brian has been game changing for my young business! In the short months since we started, I’ve grown from struggling solopreneur trying to keep up to thriving entrepreneur back in control. I am so grateful for the business wisdom Brian has offered my team and me and look forward to future work with TC2!

Andrea M.

Brian is one of the most driven assets for our company that we have ever come across. His care and passion for our success shows in the effort he’s invested into our business. His guidance has been direct, concise but most important, accurate!!!

Tim D.

 Brian helped provide much needed insight into the continuing development of my business. He is excellent at leveraging his considerable experience and his network of professionals to those ends. He is honest, extremely competent, and very knowledgeable. The biggest hurdle to my engaging Brian was my thinking that no one could know my business better than me. Once I overcame that hurdle, I quickly came to appreciate the value that Brian has added to my business.

Anthony G.

Brian will help you push your business in the right direction to achieve your goals! Highly recommend TC2.

Jenee C.

Highly recommend.

Bryan H.

TC2 is the best in the industry when it comes to the planning, operation and management of my business. Whether you are a start-up, small business or an established company – TC2 will be a tremendous asset to you.

Liam D.

TC2 gave me great help with building and SELLING my business! We highly recommend Brian and his team to help you grow your business. They were professional, knowledgeable, and always had our interest in mind financially and legally. Can’t wait to use them again.

Euse M.

I highly recommend working with Brian Kostka and TC2. His interest in the growth of your company is foremost in his approach.

Jeffrey D.

Brian is very professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend to any business looking to achieve new or existing goals.

Whitney P.

I highly recommend TC2.

Todd H.

With Brian’s experience, TC2 can help any company thrive in a competitive market.

Chris D.